How do I use Fetch for Macintosh?

Step 1: Fill in the boxes below:
  • Host - Enter the name of your web site (
  • User ID - Your assigned User ID (case sensitive)
  • Password - Your assigned Password (case sensitive)
  • Directory - Enter public_html (all lower case)

Make sure you are connected to the Internet. Click on [OK] button to connect.

Step 2: Once connected, you will see a screen with your destination address at the top.

Step 3: Click on the [Put File...] button will load your local files into the public_html folder. Locate the file you wish to move and double click on it. Another screen will appear. Under 'Format', there is a pop-up menu.

  • For .gif and .jpg images, select 'Raw Data'
  • For .html files and CGI scripts, select 'Text'

Now click [OK]. You will see the black dog running while your files are moving over the network. The name of the files will appear on the list on the left side of the screen. Remember you must call the home page (or very first page that should appear when your site is opened) index.html or any of the acceptable index extension listed here. When you have all the elements required for your web site uploaded, quit out of the Fetch application and open your browser to verify your site is working properly.

Note: To retreive files from your web site and place them back onto your computer, use the same steps required to upload, except select the file name from the list on the left and then click [Get File...]. You will need to specify where you would like them placed on your machine.