How do I use WS_FTP?

Step 1: Click on [New], enter your login information in the appropriate fields.
  • The 'Profile Name' can be anything you wish to call the site
  • The 'Host Name/Address' is the name of your web site (
  • Enter your assigned User ID and Password. Please note that all of this information is case sensitive, and should be entered exactly as given
  • Check the 'Save Pwd' box if you want your password saved by the program

Step 2: Click on [Startup] tab.

  • For the 'Initial Remote Host Directory', enter public_html (all lower case)
  • The 'Initial Local Directory' should be the complete file path to the directory on your computer which contains (or will contain) your web site files
  • Click on the [Apply] button

Step 3: Make sure you are connected to the Internet. With your site selected, click on the [OK] button to connect. Note that next time you use WS_FTP, proceed directly to Step 3.

After WS_FTP is logged-in, make sure that your main page is called index.html. Double-click a file in the left window to upload (put) a file up to the server, and double-click a file in the right window to download (get) it to your computer.

Next, open up a web browser and verify your web site is working properly.